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Lit candles on ecological for coal, firewood, pellets and briquettes in barbecue and grill

We have representatives in Bolivia, Spain, USA, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Viedma, Mendoza, Chaco, Santa Fe, Cordoba, La Pampa, Mercedes, Lujan, brands, etc ..., you also sell our products,

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We have developed a pill to insert in the bags of coal as an added value at low cost. Ask about these.

They are so good, environmentally friendly as ever and very economical.

We are exporting to Miami, USA, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, Chile.

We are a handmade Argentine venture.
However, we are able to export to anywhere in the world.
We manufacture the only pill on for coal, firewood, pellets and briquettes do not contain solvent, completely environmentally friendly and odorless paraffin.
Very good resistance to suffocation
Fast start (less than 5 seconds) in all security
Non-toxic product that is handled without leaving traces or odors on hands, can be lit with a lighter or a match flame retardant safe.
Odorless strange in the atmosphere of the room where they use only common candle smells.
This product is easily turned on and lasts for 8 minutes on.
Its dimensions are a square of 27 mm side.
And his weight fluctuates between 9 gs.
The basis of this product is completely organic, so that leaves no smell or taste to solvents or paraffin in foods.


We are looking for representatives in Mercosur

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